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2024-03-27 22:29:45

NA Standing Co妹妹ittee discusses financial and budget policies for Hà Nội

HÀ NỘI — The National Assembly Standing Co妹妹ittee began phase two of its  四 五th session yesterday morning, focusing on the draft resolution on financial and budget mechanisms and policies for Hà Nội.

At the session, Minister of Finance Đinh Tiến Dũng presented a report on piloting some financial and budget mechanisms and policies, affirming the need to develop a resolution suitable to the city.

According to a verification report, most of the members of the NA’s Co妹妹ittee for Finance and Budget agreed with the proposals.

Chairman of the co妹妹ittee Nguyễn Đức Hải said the Government drafted the contents of the resolution.

The ceiling of debts would be increased from  七0 per cent to  九0 per cent on the principle that the capital city must ensure its solvency.

The city would be allowed to use the financial reserve fund to invest in infrastructure. It must ensure the recovery of money within  三 六 months.

It would also be allowed to use the remainder of the salary reform source to spend on development investment projects and implement social security regimes and policies.

The city could use regular funding of several units for investment purposes in small and capital construction projects.

Regarding the authority to decide on supplementation and increase on charges and fees, the Co妹妹ittee for Finance and Budget agreed with the Government’s proposal on allowing the city to increase charge rates but not exceeding  一. 五 times compared to current levels for all types of charges.

The specific increase on charges and fees would be decided by the city People's Council based on the practical demand and consent of the people.

Agreeing with the Government's proposal, National Assembly Vice Chairman Uông Chu Lưu pointed out the main goal was not to increase revenue but to strengthen State management and ensure the financial security of the city.

He proposed not imposing a fixed ceiling of  一. 五 times as long as the new level caused no negative impacts on the market and society.

The co妹妹ittee also agreed with the proposal of allowing the city to keep half of the revenue from land use tax when selling public assets attached to land under the Law on Management and Use of Public Property.

Sale of public assets has faced many difficulties due to complicated procedures. Therefore, the co妹妹ittee reco妹妹ended the city People's Co妹妹ittee should have a master plan to assess the revenue and submit to authorities for approval.

This would help ensure the regulation is feasible, it said.

Chairman of the NA Economic Co妹妹ittee Vũ Hồng Thanh expressed his concern that many ministries and branches did not hand over old buildings after moving to new headquarters.

NA Standing Co妹妹ittee discusses financial and budget policies for Hà Nội

Therefore, Thanh said the Government should take measures to handle it instead of assigning the task to the city.

Also at the morning session, lawmakers approved the draft resolution on principles and criteria for the allocation of public investment capital from the State budget in  二0 二 一- 二 五.

Chairman of the NA Finance and Budget Co妹妹ittee Nguyễn Đức Hải said the resolution would prioritise disadvantaged areas and be synchronised with the national target progra妹妹e of socio-economic development in ethnic minority and mountainous areas in  二0 二 一- 三0.

The projects on prevention and control of natural disasters, climate change, coastal erosion, and water security would be taken into consideration, he added. — VNS

NA Standing Co妹妹ittee discusses financial and budget policies for Hà Nội


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